Day 1
22 Feb 2018
Day 2
23 Feb 2018


Stefan Vilsmeier, President & CEO, Brainlab

Opening of Scientific Meeting

Volker Coenen, MD, University Hospital Freiburg

Jan Mehrkens, MD, University Hospital Munich (LMU)

Basics and Science of DBS

Cameron McIntyre, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
Biophysics of Deep Brain Stimulation

Jens Volkmann, MD, PhD, University Hospital Würzburg
Roadmap for an Integrated Workflow of Surgery and Programming Deep Brain Stimulation

Bálint Várkuti, PhD, Brainlab
Advancements in Functional Planning Using Brainlab Elements

Peter Yoo, Boston Scientific
Advancements in DBS Systems

Cartesia DBS and Visualization of Directionality

Alfonso Fasano, MD, PhD, University Health Network Toronto
Unilateral PPN DBS: Experience with Directional Stimulation

Peter Reinacher, MD, PhD, University Hospital Freiburg
Directional Deep Brain Stimulation – Clinical Experience with Visualization and Lead Orientation

Stereotactic Surgery with Elekta Vantage

Ludvic Zrinzo, MD, PhD, Queen Square London
Stereotactic Surgery with the Elekta Vantage frame

Maarten Bot, MD, Academic Medical Center Amsterdam
Vantage, Intra-operative CT and Fibertracking the Hotspot in DBS

Evolutions in DBS surgery, from iMRI to ECoG

Mark Richardson, MD, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Evolutions in DBS Surgery, from iMRI to ECoG

Fibertractography in Stereotactic Procedures

Volker Coenen, MD, University Hospital Freiburg
Influencing Brain Network Assemblies with DTI Assisted DBS

Juan Barcia, MD, PhD, Hospital Clinico San Carlos Madrid
Defining Target Selection in Functional Neurosurgery by Connectomics

Mikkel Petersen, MD, PhD, Aarhus University Hospital
Developments in Diffusion MRI and Tractography: From Streamlines to Neuroanatomy for DBS

Harith Akram, MD, University College London
Applications of MRI Connectivity in Functional Neurosurgery

Deep Brain Stimulation in Dystonia

Jan Mehrkens, MD, University Hospital Munich (LMU)
Pallidal Deep Brain Stimulation for Dystonia: Clinical Effectiveness and Future Prospects

Wolfgang Hamel, MD, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)
Deep Brain Stimulation of the Pallidum in Dystonia: Evaluation of Active Electrode Contacts

Stereotactic Surgery with Brainlab Elements and Airo Intraoperative CT

Christopher Nimsky, MD, PhD, University Hospital Marburg
Intraoperative CT for SEEG and DBS Procedures

Katharina Faust, MD, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Utilization of the Intraoperative Mobile AIRO CT Scanner in Functional Stereotactic Surgery